Our Story: Eggnog, Gas Fireplaces, and Live Spartan

One Christmas as David and I sat by a roaring fire (ok, it was gas), sipping eggnog and playing with knives, we decided we’d had enough. Enough of the culture, enough of the mindlessness, enough of the same ole same ole. So we hatched our plan to conquer the world…I mean start Live Spartan. Our idea was simple and straightforward–we wanted to create the website we never had. A source for our own brand of the warrior spirit; inspiration and hope for the “dying breeds” of gentlemen and lady, warrior and hero.

It was easy to sit there and spin dreams, much harder to commit and make them realities. How could we create a brand that spoke to our code de l’honneur yet was relatable to some portion of the population? The only two inspirations that struck were the hard*ss spartan warrior, and a scene from one of our favorite movies, Chasing Mavericks. In the movie, Frosty Hesson has just taken Jay Moriarty under his wing to teach him how to surf Mavericks. Frosty lets Jay in on the secret to besting the biggest wave in the world: the Four Pillars of a Solid Human Foundation. This idea of whole-being fitness really appealed to us–so we decided to go for it.

I called a few friends to get some of the technical and artistic work done, and David got busy crafting some really hardcore workouts for a segment we called Train or Die. We set a three month deadline and started to crank out ideas (I was constantly emptying my wastepaper basket) and drafts. The sound and feel of the articles and site had to be perfect and we had to establish a sustainable editorial pace.

The result of our work lies before you: a Spartan website dedicated to building the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional fortitude of men and women around the world. We hope you enjoy our content, and that you’ll visit us again.

Until then, peace be with you.

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Daniel Ham

Editor-in-chief, Obstacle racer, Writer

Our most estimable editor, Daniel, has a penchant for brainstorming and creating new segments for Live Spartan. An avid writer, fencer, micro-adventurer, and sketch artist, he is constantly striving to strengthen the four pillars of his foundation.

Bucket List: I definitely want to visit the Himalayas someday. Whenever I think of going on an “epic journey” I always picture myself traversing the stark ridges of Nepal.

Some Of My Favorite Musicians: My all-time favorite would have to be Enya. There is something surreal about listening to her music. Hell, I’ve even used it in a workout playlist (would not recommend for the average guy). I also really got into the heavy-metal band Five Finger Death Punch after my brother came home from Basic Training and shared their cover of “Bad Company” with me. I listen to a lot of movie soundtracks when I’m writing.

Morning Routine: I don’t really have a routine–it’s more like a todo list with half the items marked optional. Must-do items include getting up (haha), making coffee with my french press, writing.

Book That’s Changed My Behavior The Most: David McCullough’s John Adams. My dad forced me to read it when I was younger and it changed so much about my perspective. It really helped me solidify my core values of loyalty, duty, honor, and fortitude.

SPC David Ham

Contributor, Infantryman, Triathlete

David designs our workouts for us. As a former triathlete and current soldier in the US Army (as well as winner of the 2017 USARPAC Best Warrior Competition), we love to tap him to input on physical and tactical articles.

Life Hack: By necessity, the Scottish Shower. I live in the tropics and after morning PT I need something that will cool me down fast.

Bucket List: I want to compete in a full Ironman race someday.

Go-to Fuel for Work: This is kind of a trick question for an infantryman. In the field, you have a set ration of MREs–your not even supposed to save part of your MRE for later. For most exercises your not allowed to bring your own food either. So you just embrace the suck.

How I Start My Day: I keep it pretty simple. Wake up. Make my bed. Starting your day off orderly helps order the rest of your day.