ultralight camping recipe

You’ve just taken a leap in the dark and gone on your first microadventure/camping trip. Your spirits are high as you contemplate the best spot to roll out your bivvy bag (somewhere with a scenic view).

Then you take an emotional nosedive as you remember the peanut butter sandwich you packed for supper.

Don’t get us wrong, we are not disrespecting the peanut butter sandwich. The PBJ has sustained us in many tough circumstances. But have you ever tried to wash one of them down in the wild with warm canteen water? While “hardship” is a traditional hallmark of the ultralight camper, our romantic sensibilities demand a more idyllic menu for adventurous occasions.

Unfortunately, you often have to choose between lightweight and gourmet cooking (and for those of you who consider MREs to be gourmet, something’s wrong with your head). This vexes us greatly. We set our rather unorthodox brains to the task of reinventing the ultralight camping menu, and would therefore like to humbly present the first of several simple, delicious, ultralight camping recipe.

Ancient Spartans might mock us for attempting to liven the fare of such a manly sport, but we believe an occasional morale booster is welcome to all souls.

Ultralight Camping Recipe: 2 Cheese Mashed Potatoes With Jerky

servings: 1, cook time: 20 minutes, weight: ≈4 ounces, cooking gear: one pot

ultralight camping recipe

Approximate Nutrition

calories: 400, protein: 22 g, carbs: 23 g, fat: 25 g, sodium: 1200 mg


1/2 cup instant mashed potatoes

1 tablespoon freeze-dried Parmesan cheese

1 tablespoon freeze-dried Asiago cheese

3-5 strips of smoked jerky

Home Directions

Mix instant mashed potatoes and cheese powders in a medium freezer bag.

Pack jerky in separate bag.

Trail Directions

Boil 2/3 cup of water in pot or canteen cup (try making this soda can stove to boil your water!).

Mix dried ingredients into the water.

Stir in sliced jerky and enjoy.