Train or Die Spartan Workout
Listen up, Spartans! This workout is designed to increase your core strength and cardiovascular robustness through intense circuits. That means it is going to make you sweat.

No sweat? You’re not doing it right.

Test your mental fortitude and find another gear for this entirely bodyweight workout. For those of you who think bodyweight workouts are for sissies, get your sissy-backside outside and take this spartan workout for a test drive. Your abs, glutes, lower back, obliques,  and shoulders will burn like they were thrown in a deep fryer.

Isn’t that wonderful?

The Spartan Workout

  Repetitions Rest
CIRCUIT 1 2 Sets
Yoga Pushup 15 reps 60 sec.
Low Plank (on elbows) 60sec. 30 sec.
Jump Squat 25 reps 60 sec.
High Plank (on hands) 60 sec. 30 sec.





2 Sets

Russian Twist 60 sec. 60 sec.
Low Plank 60sec. 60 sec.
Mountain Climbers 60 sec. 60 sec.
High Plank 60 sec. 60 sec.





2 Sets

Burpee 25 reps 90 sec.
Low Plank 60sec. 30 sec. between sets
Pushup Matrix (Wide, Regular, Narrow) 8-8-8 reps 60 sec.
High Plank 60sec. 30 sec. between sets